Explore the Best Interior Design Shops Near Dallas

interior design shops near dallas

The Dallas area is full of fine shopping opportunities, but it’s also home to some unique chances to spruce up your home. In fact, just minutes from The Armstrong at Knox, you’ll find colorful and intriguing additions to your new apartment. Here are several interior design shops near Dallas to choose from:

Birchwood Home Décor

Birchwood Home Décor excels at curating work from talented artists and design companies in one space. Here you’ll find original art and one-of-a-kind designer furniture. Most of their pieces are made of natural materials and metals. Their geometric lines and natural curves can be blended in one room: muted tones with simple pops of color in accessories and art. This is fine art made for living spaces you can actually use.

La Mariposa Imports

Bring some color into your décor with items from La Mariposa Imports. Their stock comes from Mexico as well as Central and South America.

They carry handwoven Guatemalan textiles and Talavera pottery to name just a couple of options for brightening up your home. They also carry festive embroidered clothing and handmade jewelry, as well as a full line of Day of the Dead products. Explore these beautiful pieces and enjoy the culture from our neighbors to the south.

Grange Hall

If you’re inclined to enjoy a touch of the bizarre, you must visit Grange Hall. Oddities such as antler tables and headless Aztec warrior statues come at a price, but are lasting conversation pieces.

A selection of designer trinkets and floral arrangements will round out your home décor. You’ll also find rare, stylish accessories and jewelry for men and women. After a bit of shopping, they invite you to visit their gorgeous restaurant with a designer-inspired menu.

If discovering unique decorations sounds like your kind of fun, contact us to learn how you can make The Armstrong at Knox your new home.

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