The Best Food Trucks in Dallas to Eat On-the-Go!

food trucks in Dallas

Food trucks are a sassy addition to the city’s already vibrant food scene. Gone are the days of cold sandwiches tossed from the window of a mobile food truck and stale coffee served in flimsy cups. Thanks to creative innovation and the tweaking of strict zoning laws, Dallas is now a sizzling melting pot of restaurants on wheels. In fact, here’s where you can find the best food trucks in Dallas!

Truck Yard

The Truck Yard is laid back, quirky, and just plain sociable. It’s a come-as-you-are venue with an all-you-can-eat attitude. The food trucks and menus change daily but there’s always much to choose from like breakfast, burgers, or BBQ.

Popular vendors like Jack’s ChowHound offer freshly made melt-in-your-mouth sandwiches. You can taste the world too. Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese and Greek food trucks provide an international flair. The Truck Yard is family-friendly until after dark when adults may want to mingle in the always lively Treehouse Bar.

Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park serves up delicious meals every Saturday with a growing variety of food trucks. The park borders the Dallas Art District and strives to provide unique food choices. They select their vendors carefully, ensuring that each menu complements the other.

So you can find Chez Flo for a French flavor and try one of their new “Sandwiches Around The World” or stay in Texas mode with Walt Garrison BBQ and its signature sauce. Klyde Warren Park itself is a pleasant green refuge and the perfect place to relax in the heart of the city.

Uptown Truck Stop

Uptown Truck Stop sprouted up in the parking lot of the Sisu Restaurant and Bar one day and no one’s looked back ever since. It’s a welcome addition to the Uptown vibe and the brainchild of Robin Skinner, the marketing guru for Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe.

Now the hungry can savor the Asian flavors of Nammi or munch a gourmet slider at Easy Sliders right in Sisu’s lot. Umbrella covered picnic tables provide shade and respite and no one complains if you get a cold brew from Sisu’s bar and bring it back to the table. It’s a win-win for the community.

These food trucks in Dallas makes the city a vibrant city place to live. The Armstrong at Knox offers spacious apartment homes in a convenient location. For more information, contact us anytime.

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