Can You Escape the Room at Escape Hunt Dallas?

Cropped shot of hands solving a puzzle at Escape Hunt Dallas

One of the area’s most fun attractions is Escape Hunt Dallas. Open since 2016, the location is part of the fast-growing trend of “escape the room” games found around the world. It’s a truly unique all-ages entertainment experience involving teamwork, clues, puzzle-solving, and efficiency!

Game Basics

At Escape Hunt Dallas, you’ll book a room and a time slot online for your session. When it’s time for your game, you and your group will arrive and be briefed on what you’ll need to do. At that point, you get locked in a room for an hour! You’ll try your hardest to solve the clues in order to escape before the hour is up.

The puzzles require quick-thinking, logic, and strategy. Each room has different storylines, props, adventures, and puzzles, allowing you to play multiple games at Escape Hunt Dallas.

Location Specifics

Visitors say that the location is clean and well kept. Note: your group may be placed with people not from your party if your team isn’t large enough, but that’s half the fun! Most team sizes are about 2 to 12 players.

It can be thrilling to race against the clock and fulfilling to work together as a team. Even if it may be challenging for the first-timer, many people end up going back again and again to do another game.

Fun for Everyone

An hour at Escape Hunt Dallas would make for a fantastic date night, weekend family activity, or team-building office outing. The minimum age restriction is 10 years old, but there’s no maximum age. In fact, this is a great activity for all ages since it requires little physical activity or strength.

Learn More About Escape Hunt Dallas

Escape Hunt Dallas is just one of many fun activities in the area. At the Armstrong at Knox, you’re always close by to exciting entertainment and culture. Please contact us today to find out how you can be a part of our community.

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