Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Best Donut Shops in Dallas

donut shops in dallas

Did you know that historians can’t agree on how donuts got their name? Some believe that donut refers to the nuts that were placed in the dough to prevent an uncooked center, while others think it refers to dough knots. This was a popular shape for olykoeks, a Dutch treat that evolved into the modern day donut. […]

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Enjoy Melodious Performances at the Meyerson Symphony Center

girl's hands on violin

Did you know The Armstrong at Knox is just six minutes from one of the world’s greatest music halls? We’re talking about the Meyerson Symphony Center, and it’s the crown jewel of the Dallas Arts District. Designed by I.M. Pei, it features the McDermott Concert Hall. This European-style music chamber establishes a genuine intimacy between performer […]

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